Earning Degrees on Two Continents at Once

December 21, 2021

Klara Richardt always had an interest in world cultures. “My hometown had so much diversity,” says Richardt. While she was growing up in Kiel, Germany, she met lots of first and second-generation Germans with Turkish, Syrian, Egyptian, and Polish backgrounds. "So I grew up with many different cultures since elementary and middle school," she says.

Richardt, who is a sophomore, is one of the UMD students studying cultural entrepreneurship. Aparna Katre an associate professor and program director serves as one of her mentors. Through a special agreement, Richardt will receive an interdisciplinary B.A. in International Cultural and Business Studies from the University of Passau and a B.A. in Cultural Entrepreneurship from UMD.

Richardt is one of the first students to join the UMD cultural entrepreneurship dual-degree program. She is the pilot project to check the practical compatibility of the two B.A. programs in Passau and Duluth. “It’s an unparalleled opportunity,” says Katre. The "One-of-a-kind" major has potential because the business world is changing.  


Klara Richardt