Recent News

Mapping cashew trees in Benin

Zhenong Jin led an effort to use artificial intelligence and remote sensing to map the location of cashew trees in the West African country Benin.

Promoting cultural and academic exchange

Fulbright students support the College of Education and Human Development's international and diversity efforts.

Identifying autism in Rwanda

The Institute on Community Integration this summer trained community health workers in Rwanda on identifying the signs of autism in children and on principles for addressing the needs of people with disabilities in rural communities. 

Symposium discusses relationship between international education and DEI

The University of Minnesota recently hosted 13 faculty and international educators from seven European institutions to foster conversations on the relationship between international education and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Building connections between cultures

When Ariadna Mondragón Botero arrived in southern Madagascar to work with lemurs, she immediately became fascinated by the unique nature of the dry forest in the area.

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