School of Public Health

Observing the Intersection of Traditional and Western Medicine in Rural India

Chelsea Kline (Maternal and Child Health ’19) enrolled in the India: Global Health, Globalization, and Leadership course, traveling to Mysore, India to study the health care delivery system in India, the significance of the social determinants of health in a globalized world, and the skills needed to be a leader in the global space.

The Education of a Public Health Worker

U of M students studying public health in India returned home shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic exploded. What they found there underscores the importance of public health efforts, and how hard this pandemic will hit the poorest in the world.

Ausen-Anifrani Developing Text Message Service to Educate, Protect Pregnant Women in Uganda

In Uganda, 360 out of every 100,000 mothers die of often preventable pregnancy conditions. To help save their lives, maternal and child health MPH student Sonja Ausen-Anifrani is working with an interdisciplinary team to develop “SMS Maama” — a mobile phone-based educational service that provides expectant mothers with pregnancy and postpartum information via text messages.