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Fostering global connections

Digital technology enables powerful learning and international collaborations for public health.

UMN signs agreement with Aurora Network

Aurora is a network of ten European research-intensive universities with high research impact, united by a shared commitment to social relevance and a diverse student body. The Network incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals in all its work and emphasizes social responsibility and student participation.

University of Minnesota renews partnership with University of Iceland

The University of Minnesota renewed its partnership agreement with the University of Iceland on September 15, 2022, celebrating 40 years of successful student exchange and collaboration.

The Island of Her Dreams

Jo Anne Van Tilburg (B.A. ’65) is director and principal investigator of the Easter Island Statues Project, which studies the stone guardians called moai by the island’s inhabitants.

Transition Through a Global Lens

The latest issue of Impact, a publication from the Institute on Community Integration, places the critical period of transition from school to adulthood for youth with disabilities in a global context.

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