Advancing inclusion in Taiwan

Institute on Community Integration Director Amy Hewitt helped lead a conference in Taichung City, Taiwan focused on inclusive community living for people with disabilities.

The Power(s) of place

Professor Jennifer Powers reflects on her decades-long connection to Costa Rica, where she runs a field station within the Area de Conservación Guanacaste.

Healing the wounded mountain

Long before becoming an ecologist, Maowei Liang recalls being deeply impacted by the tangible ways his village in Inner Mongolia experienced global change.

Lessons learned in Philippines farm fields provide drive in nursing

As a recent Doctor of Nursing Practice graduate with a specialty in nursing informatics, Arlene Corpuz is prepared to leverage technology and informatics solutions to support the unique health care needs of veterans.

2023 Open Doors report on student mobility released

The 2023 Open Doors report on student mobility—released annually during International Education Week—included four of the University's campuses in its rankings.

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