Priya Visits Kiel, a Leading University in Northern Germany

February 2, 2024

On January 25-26, VP for Research and Innovation Shashank Priya visited  Kiel University in Northern Germany to discuss current research collaborations and potential future areas of cooperation. 

UMN and Kiel have already inked an agreement on collaboration in the area of biosensors under the auspices of the new International Institute for Biosensing at the U. A hybrid online and in-person workshop is planned for September 2024 in Minneapolis with the goal of building faculty-to-faculty collaboration around sensors, imaging modalities, neuroelectronics, biomagnetic field sensing, and nanomaterials, among other topics. These joint research activities hold the potential for student training and workforce development opportunities that could engage Minnesota-based industries.

Priya said another promising area of cooperation is in marine science, with a collaboration between Kiel’s robust marine-related programs (the city of Kiel sits on the coast of the Baltic Sea) and a potential Marine Engineering Sciences degree program at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  

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