Protecting Ideas

December 21, 2021

As a high school exchange student from China living in Hutchinson, Minnesota, Shui Li (B.S. ’09, M.S. ’12) visited Duluth for the first time one summer with her host family. She fell in love with the beauty and scenery, and when it came time to apply for college, she set her sights on the University of Minnesota-Duluth for her undergraduate degree.

Li studied biochemistry and molecular biology and graduated in 2009. It was a perfect fit at the time, she says. “I always liked science throughout my life. I liked science fiction, and I liked learning about chemistry.”

Over the next several years, Li used her curiosity as a guidepost, following her love of science and writing, as well as her knowledge of Chinese culture and digital media, to carve a path of her own.


Shui Li in a gray turtleneck