Widening horizons through an exchange

Marta Hardardottir has always wanted to study somewhere outside Iceland. “I thought it would be a good way to widen my horizon, get to know other cultures, as well as my own,” she said.

Iceland Country Brief

Scenic skyline of Reykjavic

For a small country, Iceland maintains a large number of connections to Minnesota and the University. The University of Iceland is a key partner of the University of Minnesota, starting with the establishment of a student exchange in 1982 that continues today. Minnesota is home to a large population of Icelandic descendants, and local heritage organizations support the University’s relationship with Iceland. An enthusiastic alumni chapter promotes Minnesota-Iceland connections and engagement among alumni living in Iceland.

Bringing Parent Education to Iceland

In 2010, an ambitious graduate student named Hrund Þórarins Ingudóttir enrolled in coursework for CEHD’s parent and family education program—all the way from Iceland.