College of Food, Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences

Mapping cashew trees in Benin

Zhenong Jin led an effort to use artificial intelligence and remote sensing to map the location of cashew trees in the West African country Benin.

Grad Students Share Their Journey to CFANS

Although University of Minnesota CFANS graduate students Dorah Mkabili Mwangola and Leticia Dourado Clemente are engaged in different fields of study, they have something in common—both women discovered a passion for their respective fields almost by accident. 

The Man Before Mandela

U of M alumni have created change in the world since the University was founded. Alfred B. Xuma, class of 1920, helped forge history in South Africa.

Meet the Researcher: Global Edition

Our work benefits from the diverse perspectives of international scholars from around the world – students, postdoctoral associates and faculty alike. We asked a few of our international scholars about their experiences at the University of Minnesota.