Preparing Global Ready Students in Our Classrooms

February 25, 2021

In this webinar, University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and student leaders discussed the cutting-edge of classroom efforts to prepare students to tackle the global challenges that lie ahead. What are instructors doing in the classroom to prepare students who are global ready? How prepared are students from all fields to enter a globally interconnected society? Panelists spoke both about current educational practices and the vision to make our classrooms supportive of global learning for all students.

You can learn more about Internationalizing Teaching and Learning on the GPS Alliance website.


  • David Beard, Associate Professor, English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies (U of M Duluth)
  • Kate Martin, Co-Director, Center for Educational Innovation (U of M System)
  • David Tuwei, Assistant Professor, Communications (U of M Duluth)
  • Amanda Sames, PhD Candidate, Conservation Biology (U of M Twin Cities)
  • Deena Wassenberg, Teaching Associate Professor, Biology Teaching and Learning (U of M Twin Cities)

Moderator: Gayle Woodruff, Director, Curriculum and Campus Internationalization (U of M System)

This event was co-sponsored by the Center for Educational Innovation.