Standing Together: Institute on Community Integration Shares Strategies for Supporting Ukraine

In Ukraine, over 800 educational institutions have suffered bombing and shelling, and 75 have been destroyed completely. The Institute’s Renáta Tichá, co-director of the Global Resource Center for Inclusive Education, led a live and virtual event on March 30 dedicated to bringing together faculty, staff, students, and other community members to share strategies to help Ukraine following the February 24 invasion by Russian forces. 

Disability Rights: Storytelling in the Congo

The Institute on Community Integration trained people with disabilities and non-profit organizations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on advocacy strategies, including the use of radio and social media to raise awareness about disability rights.

ICI Welcomes Visiting International Scholars

Scholars from Europe, Australia, and central Asia are visiting the Institute on Community Integration as part of a broad-based exchange aimed at increasing the inclusion of people with disabilities around the globe. 

Enhancing Understanding of the World

The Mary Tjosvold Graduate Fellowship in Community Development program sends graduate students internationally to participate in six-week, community-based professional internships in the areas of health, social work, microfinance, agriculture, and education.