Cross-continental collaboration

January 31, 2023

CEHD hosts 14 Kazakhstan scholars for a six-month research and leadership program.

Zhanat Momynkulov says he had always dreamed about visiting and studying in the United States because of its strong academic and research traditions. From June to November 2022, he got his chance as part of the first CEHD Bolashaq Visiting Scholar Program.

For six months, 14 scholars from the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan visited CEHD to participate in a customized program to build knowledge and capacity in research methods, innovative teaching approaches, and academic leadership.

Momynkulov, a senior research fellow at the Academy of Public Administration of Kazakhstan, says he was thrilled at the opportunity to study at CEHD. “I wanted to learn the core basics of the American system of research in higher education. CEHD is one of the leading schools in education across the nation,” he says. “I am interested in politics and international relations, but I preferred education because it is easier to achieve social transformation in my country with the help of education and human development rather than by administrative reforms.”

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Upon meeting in Minnesota, the scholars display the flag of their homeland, Kazakhstan.